What is the «Fooksman Family Foundation»?

The Fooksman Family Foundation was established in 2018 by Eugene Fooksman. It aims to help shape the future of Israel, strengthen Jewish continuity, and promote Jewish life and culture in a post-exile era.

A central goal of the Foundation is connecting the wider diaspora community with Israel, which we view as the vital thread connecting Jews across the globe. As such, identifying gaps in this layered and diverse space, and working on thoughtful solutions to address those gaps, drives everything we do.

The Foundation is involved in unique projects spanning arts and culture, community building, consciousness raising and beyond. From fellowships and resourcing to mentoring the next-gen of philanthropic leaders, our model is above all one of partnership. We work with individuals and organizations who embody our vision of a bold new era of Jewish philanthropy; our partners champion Israel and Jewish life through their creativity, their innovation, and their intellectual courage.