When and where will Isra Campus take place?

Isra-Campus will take place on July 12 to July 24 in Aloney Yitzhak – An amazing pictorial corner in the north of Israel, near Binyamina.

How to Register to a Faculty?

Last summer Isra-Campus had opened theater, advertising, literature, design, dance and journalism faculties.

In order to get to a particular faculty you don''t have to be a professional, you just need to have the desire to try yourself out in a new way.

Our Faculties are the key to opening the door to the Jewish world and as we all know there are many different doors.

A few days before the camp we''ll have a general meeting of all the participants in which everyone can get acquainted with the Isra-Campus team and try out different kinds of arts. At the end of the meeting, together, we will determine the most suitable Facuilty for you.

What documents do I have to fill out?

In order to register to the Campus, we will ask you to fill out the registration form on our website and attach a picture of the future participant. We also require a doctor''s note that the participant is healthy and can take part in all activities and does not take medication on a regular basis, and if he does a list of those medications and instructions, we also need a permission to take photos and video of your children for advertisment.

How much does it cost to participate?

Dear friends!
The registration will open on January 5th 2020 at 10 AM.

To register you'll have to make a payment and by that secure your place on campus!

Dear Parents, please note: the first participants who'll pay for the summer semester of 2020 will receive a substantial discount.

The cost for participation in IsraCampus - 

For those paying before March 1st - 1000$ or 3450₪

For those paying after March 1st - 1100$ or 3800₪

This price includes full accommodation, meals, tours

What should I bring?

It would be nice to take bring along some clothes with you and don’t forget a some underwear. Since our program includes water attractions, we strongly recommend that you bring a bathing suit, two large towels and a small one, sunblock, a hat and shoes that can be comfortable for the pool. Your stay in the camp will last 12 days, which means it would be nice to have also personal hygiene items: shampoo, soap, washcloth (for those who love). Well, if you decide to bring a toothbrush with you, do not forget your favorite toothpaste. In addition, you will often need comfortable hiking shoes. Those who need constant medication, please, do not forget to bring along the medicine you need. Israelis are requested to have a health insurance card with them at all times. Surely you will want to visit a local kiosk - take care of some pocket money. We recommend not to bring valuables with you - we cannot guarantee their safety.

What is the «Fooksman Family Foundation»?

The Fooksman Family Foundation was established in 2018 by Eugene Fooksman. It aims to help shape the future of Israel, strengthen Jewish continuity, and promote Jewish life and culture in a post-exile era.

A central goal of the Foundation is connecting the wider diaspora community with Israel, which we view as the vital thread connecting Jews across the globe. As such, identifying gaps in this layered and diverse space, and working on thoughtful solutions to address those gaps, drives everything we do.

The Foundation is involved in unique projects spanning arts and culture, community building, consciousness raising and beyond. From fellowships and resourcing to mentoring the next-gen of philanthropic leaders, our model is above all one of partnership. We work with individuals and organizations who embody our vision of a bold new era of Jewish philanthropy; our partners champion Israel and Jewish life through their creativity, their innovation, and their intellectual courage.


What is INO?

The Institute of Informal  Education, INO was founded in 2005. The director of INO is Dr. Dima Zicer. At the institute we are engaged in pedagogical creativity. INO implements various educational programs, prepares professional personnel in the field of pedagogical art and develops training curriculums and materials. We are proud that among our partners are leading Jewish organizations such as Birthright Israel, JDC, The Jewish Agency, Marks JCH of Bensonhurst, Ezra and Limmud FSU.  Our projects include children's youth camps, student workshops, teacher training courses and numerous family programs. We are the originators of many advanced pedagogical technologies. Our specialists work in Russia, Israel, the USA, Ukraine, the Baltic countries. Want to know more?  Welcome to the INO website - www.zicerino.com