Dima Zicer

This summer I will be the director of I-Campus.
Almost all of my life I have been engaged in pedagogical creativity.
I'm sure that twelve amazing days are waiting for us.
In the meantime, we can get to know each other better here

Natasha Zicer

Hi! I am from Saint-Petersburg though i’ve lived in Israel for 20 years.
All this time i’ve worked with people of all ages - from three years old and older…
Now I work at the INO Institute of Informal Education. 
I come up with new various methods, conduct pedagogical projects for children and adults.

Grisha Konnikov

Hi, my name is Grisha. At the age of 7, I got lost in a grocery supermarket, viewing the weekly Soccer. And at age 18, I was lost in history. So lost that i got stuck somewhere between the past and the future. And now for the second year I have been teaching it as part of non-formal education. I hope that this summer we will find ourselves in the present and spend an unforgettable time together …

Yug Naev

When I was 13 years old, i arrived at my first summer camp. It had it’s own goverment, it’s own faculties and various memories. This trip might be one of my most pleasant childhood memories and i’ve always dreamed of arriving to such a camp again. A few years ago my dream came true - i was invited to work in Isra-Campus. Generally, every summer i try to take part in an interesting project. I work as a teacher, like music, taking walks, ice cream, art and making new friends. See you at the Campus, friends!

Misha Yudovich

Hi, my name is Misha. All my life i’ve been incredibly fascinated by all the various things a person is capable of, the things he can invent. That interest has carried me through worlds of music, mathematics, dance and many more. Somehow in time the more i kept studying on each and every step, i started bringing other people into these worlds. This summer - is a great opportunity to share, learn and find out about each others worlds.

Ksenia Mazaeva

Hello! My name is Ksusha! I love pedagogy, psychology and Jewish interests! I am sure that this season we are waiting for a lot of positive emotions, laughter, joy and a lot of new things! See you!

Rina Yasser

Hi! I am Rina. I live in northern Israel.I still haven't grown up and adore music, black and white,real or imaginary travels.In july the incredible Isra-Campus appears on our planet and Ipush all of my meetings and work, to arrive in the Campus.This summer will not be an exception!Waiting for you in the Isra-Campus 2020!

Masha Zicer

Hi! My name is Masha.
Ever since i’ve remembered myself, i’ve been going to Campus.
I’ve had the chance to look at it from the side, working logistics. Had a chance to experience it on my own, as a participant. And of course, had the chance to build and invent together! as a facilitator. No matter how you look at it, I love the Campus and the huge world of it’s that gets built every time - by us!
Can’t wait to see what we dream of together this summer!

Mark Burshtein

Hola Amigos, Senoritas, and Muchachas, and blessed to be 20 seconds about life:
I open my morning with a drink that is a mix of coffee and chocolate and as a morning workout, walking on a rope (slackline). This is how my day begins and that’s how it looks. 
I also deal with serious film and television productions and social entrepreneurship, with people coming every morning to "work", but in practice ... we all get together to play in this playground that we find ourselves in - reality, and most of the time try to connect the worlds that make up - us.
It's wonderful here, what can i say?

(Русский) Марина Месенгисер

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Ilia Krivoruchko

Sometimes I want to live a slightly more boring life (though, whom am I kidding?). So many events take place in it that sometimes the only option is to fasten your seat belts, open your eyes wider and watch

For almost nineteen years I have been engaged in photography and quite recently I realized that instead of answering the question “why do this?”, Approximately 100,500 questions appeared. This summer, together with the camp participants, we will in practice look for answers to them, and ask ourselves new ones.

Anya Zicer

I’m Anya Zicer, actor, theater producer and curator.  I live in New York, despite the fact that “home” is somewhere between Tel Aviv, St. Petersburg and Mars.  It so happened that the theatrical language is native to me and I love exploring within it. I studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Soon after, I formed a theater troupe called Lost & Found Project which uses the Verbatim (documentary theater) technique, researching personal stories, and creating plays based on them.  I also love finding ways to transport different productions around the globe bringing them to a diverse global audience. I really love working at Isra Campus with people who are interested in creativity and exploring their identity together by learning and creating  interesting worlds, roles and performances.  I look forward to seeing you, dear friends!

Ben Shargorodsky

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