How does Isra-Campus work?

Dear friends!

We are happy to inform you that in 2020, Isra-Campus is once again waiting for participants from various countries - Israel, Russia, the US, Ukraine, To sum it up - everyone!

As always, Isra-Campus offers a wide variety of creative activities at different faculties: 12 unforgettable days of communication and real pleasure, the opportunity to learn new things about ourselves and others around us, get to know the world we live in, meet famous people, travel around Israel, study all about our roots and the culture of our people.

Isra-Campus is an unusual camp. Isra-Campus is a unique student campus in which all its residents not only receive freedom of choice, but also participate in the management, study and put into practice the model of a democratic society.

We are also pleased to inform you that thanks to the success of Isra-Campus in previous years (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), this season we celebrate our 10th anniversary!

Over the years, more than 1,700 participants have visited Isra-Campus.

The Isra-Campus camp awaits you in 2020 in a new place called Aloney Yitzhak. It is an amazing pictorial corner of Israel, located near Mount Carmel.

Beautiful territory, comfortable and well sustained rooms, locations for different activities, a swimming pool, a wonderful dining room - all this will make Isra-Campus even more beautiful, interesting and brighter.

For those who are not familiar with the Isra-Campus camp, here it goes:

In 2009, the INO Institute for Non-Formal Education, after 12 years of successful work in other countries, first conducted this project in Israel.

Isra-Campus is a youth town. All its residents are true masters of their craft. Another feature of Campus is its democratic structure. Here, just as in a real university, the president of Campus and his chair-man will be elected.

That's how it was in the 2009 Campus

That's how it was in the 2010 Campus

That's how it was in the 2011 Campus

That's how it was in the 2012 Campus

That's how it was in the 2013 Campus

That's how it was in the 2014 Campus

That's how it was in the 2015 Campus

That's how it was in the 2016 Campus

This year, Isra-Campus is once again hosting its students. In the summer of 2020, 6 faculties will open their doors, and each one can try themself in various types of art. The young residents of the Campus will have the opportunity to discover the amazing world of creativity, Jewish and Israeli culture, gain an unforgettable experience and spend time in a great company.

We invite participants aged 13-17 years.

In the program:

• Professional creative sessions at faculties

• Meetings with famous figures of Israeli culture and art

• Trips to museums, theaters, exhibitions

• Swimming pool

• and much more…

In other words, Isra-Campus is a vacation for modern young people whose everyday life is filled with creativity.

Special thanks to the Fooksman Family Foundation for supporting our project. Without you, the Campus could not have taken place.

Thank You!

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