What should I bring?

It would be nice to take bring along some clothes with you and don’t forget a some underwear. Since our program includes water attractions, we strongly recommend that you bring a bathing suit, two large towels and a small one, sunblock, a hat and shoes that can be comfortable for the pool. Your stay in the camp will last 12 days, which means it would be nice to have also personal hygiene items: shampoo, soap, washcloth (for those who love). Well, if you decide to bring a toothbrush with you, do not forget your favorite toothpaste. In addition, you will often need comfortable hiking shoes. Those who need constant medication, please, do not forget to bring along the medicine you need. Israelis are requested to have a health insurance card with them at all times. Surely you will want to visit a local kiosk - take care of some pocket money. We recommend not to bring valuables with you - we cannot guarantee their safety.