How does Isra-Campus works?

In the ninth year in a row - the Isra-Campus project will open its doors to participants from Israel and other countries.

Isra-Campus provides a wide range of different activities in 6 different faculties that will last for 12 unforgettable days during which the participants will learn about their cultural inner world and about the surrounding society.

During those 12 days we will meet famous people, travel across Israel, explore our roots and study the culture of our people.

So, How does it work?

Isra-Campus - is an unusual summer-camp in which all of its students not only have the freedom to choose, but they themselves are involved in the management and putting into practice a model of a democratic society.

The citizens of the campus, counselors and campers, democratically elect their representatives to the Campus government.

This year for the ninth time Isra-Campus will take place from the 16th to the 28st of July in Givat Haviva Center - a picturesque place that is located in the north of Israel (see map).

For those who are not familiar with Isra-Campus, a bit about us:

In 2009, the Institute of Non-Formal Education (INO) was the first to initiate such a project in Israel.

Isra-Campus is a youth camp and all its people are true masters of their craft.

The Campus is based on a democratic structure - a president will be elected from our Campus participants and a cabinet will be formed from students from each faculty.

That's how it was in the 2009 Campus

That's how it was in the 2010 Campus

That's how it was in the 2011 Campus

That's how it was in the 2012 Campus

That's how it was in the 2013 Campus

That's how it was in the 2014 Campus

In the summer of 2017 everyone will be able to try out various forms of arts, the young residents of the Campus will be able to discover the amazing world of creativity, Jewish and Israeli culture, and gain an unforgettable experience in a great company.

Our program includes:

• professional creative sessions in the faculties

• meeting famous Israeli actors, artists and cultural leaders

• trips to museums, theaters and exhibitions

• pool

• and much more ...

In other words, Isra-Campus is a great recreational vacation for today''s young people whose daily routine filled with creativity.

Special thanks goes to the Genesis Philanthropy Group for the generous support of the project!

For any questions feel free to contact us via e-mail, or by phone: